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AQUARIUM | Video Installation

Video installation (projection & screens) at Club Schimmerlos, Regensburg | summer 2016

Sound: Perplex On
Video footage: „Deep Blue“, BBC [ all rights reserved ]
Motion graphics: AE, QC
Text: quote f UR „Transition“

#FSHNVCTM | Video Installation

Video: WØRKFLØW 2016
Sound: Perplex On
Images: Instagram [ all rights reserved ]
Editing & FX: AE, Glitches: QC

Screening Location: tba

Short reflection about these well-known beauty, fashion & lifestyle selfies around.
About hedonistic stereotypes and their emptiness.
About brand-fetishism and the weird mechanics of consumerism.
About the horror that is lurking within those perfect surfaces.
Enter the void.